Sites corresponding to the following items cannot be produced/renewed;

(1)Handphone sites
(2)Sites without corporate outline (company name, business activities, address, contact telephone number, etc.) (including personal businesses)
(3)Sites violating privacy protection related laws
(4)Sites offending public order
(5)Sites linked to criminal acts, sites which may violate laws
(6)Sites which violate the copyright of others, assets, privacy, and sites which may be detrimental to others
(7)Sites which may slander others
(8)Adult sites or sites which not be suitable for under 18, and dating sites
(9)Pyramid sales, network business, MLM, dating business, chain referral sites
(10)Sites composed only of dynamic pages where the homepage ends with cgi、, ID, etc.
(11)Sites selling licit drugs, overseas medical supplies, and sites violating the Pharmaceutical Law
(12)Online casino sites
(13)Sites including links to sites described in (2) to (12)
(14)Sites deemed inappropriate by Segue

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